Attackers who breached Codecov for over 2 months also reportedly hacked into hundreds of networks. The full extent of this incident is yet to unfold in the upcoming weeks.

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Hundreds of Bank of America customers had trouble accessing their bank accounts yesterday due to Avast and AVG antivirus engines flagging the site as “malware.”

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The $9.99 Transpact escrow fee could end up being 10x more, if you use a money transfer service, like TransferWise.

Numerous user complaints ask the same question. And, what to do if your account is compromised?

Researcher awarded a $10,000 bounty for reporting the bug

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Security company has accused an Israeli domain registrar for registering thousands of malicious domains powering Chrome malware

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The bug could let an attacker take control of your computer from any malicious website they controlled!

Bitdefender Safepay

Timestamps on documents suggest the leak spans 24 years worth of data.

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Ax Sharma

Security Researcher | Tech Columnist |

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