Get a 100% Free Trusted SSL Certificate secured via free, trusted, SSL
Chrome web browser displaying a “Not Secure” message for a self-signed certificate
SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt. Notice the 90-day validity from today (Mar 24, 2018) and recognition (“valid”) by Chrome web browser
  • Shortening lifetimes of the keys to prevent a security compromise, in the event of an accidental private key exposure.
  • Encouraging the website owners to automate the SSL certificate generation process altogether to maintain the lower costs of the process — if this is done correctly, it would virtually be irrelevant how short the lifetimes of the keys (and certificates) become, since the process would now merely comprise a bunch of scripts running every few months.
cPanel’s SSL/TLS section




Security Researcher | Tech Columnist |

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Ax Sharma

Ax Sharma

Security Researcher | Tech Columnist |

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