Heard that one before, and you have a great point. I’ve never been a fan of it. But the times we live in now, it’s the opposite trend we are seeing (“positive discrimination” some call it — going the full circle), and the only trend really that is acceptable by the mainstream authorities. Articles like this one.

For example, if you were a researcher and found women were better at certain jobs than men, you could publish it without much hesitation, and receive even positive feedback for it. Not if your findings stated otherwise.

I’d rather get rid of positive or negative discrimination and just let people be.

The author’s viewpoint (saying women are better at X than men) is the winning one today; endorsed by the mainstream media and institutions (public, private, policy) that promote the “new” inclusive, gynocentric viewpoint and above anything else.

Merely a decade ago, these ideas (feminism, LGBTQ rights, etc.) would “excite” you, now they’ve become ubiquitous and mundane enough to lack spunk, and read like the everyday forecast.

If you are willing to put your biases (and identity) aside, you may see through it.

P.S. : I also noticed your profile description as “man lover and man eater!” 🙈Funny.

Security Researcher | Tech Columnist | https://hey.ax

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