I honestly hate articles like these. Not the point the author is trying to make — she makes a lot of good points, but the “sexist” undertones and portrayal of one gender being inherently superior to another. She had to make a Boris-Trump comparison but clearly forgot about the former PM from Boris’ party, Theresa May and her fiascos, or what she would’ve done.

In the last paragraph, she does provide a disclaimer, “the point here is not that women are inherently better people” for equality’s sake, but the heading and the entire tone of the article are meant to promote that very viewpoint.

And, obviously, in today’s times, wait ’til someone writes an article commending all great things straight cis-males have built: the internet, tech, roads, buildings, wires,… and their “resilience” during war times, or when countless times men have saved the world — women, and children at their own expense, and it may attract polarised reactions for not being PC or gynocentric enough, despite having ample truth to it.

In essence, both viewpoints are biased and authors like these aren’t making a positive contribution to gender equality or society, leaving me with no choice but to “mute” them on Medium.

P.S.: I’m proudly gay but don’t like this twisted version of reality some keep upselling. I’m not one of the cis-straight men being criticised here but pointing out the double standard.

UPDATE: The amount of hate I’m getting from people who ironically are “for equality” is baffling, in how they rationalise their hate (dismissing my complaint with phrases like, “fragile ego”, “get over yourself”…). You know you can get away with misandry so why not continue to engage in it. But hey, misogyny is definitely sexist. Once again, both are biased viewpoints, but this speaks to selective attitudes when it comes to reporting them and society’s perception of them. Here’s an author, who is praising her gender, and dwelling in self-admiration, and shaming masculinity — it’s people like that who need to get over themselves! Imagine a male author doing the same… Equal but not equal.

Security Researcher | Tech Columnist | https://hey.ax

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