Loved reading this post, Morgan! Thanks for your contribution.

A very subtle thing — though not as relevant, I noticed was the researchers’ (or yours?) question being about making a “tough choice” between “crashing into a barrier, killing its three female passengers, or running over one child in the street ,” which, although greatly resonates with the majority of the population, reinforces the inherent bias we have towards “male expendability.

In other words, had the choice been between killing three male passengers and a child, would the AI have chosen differently? Or between a male and a female passenger? Would killing males have been the “easy” choice, because of our bias creeping into AI? Food for thought.

Although, realistically, much like most human drivers, regardless of gender, would slam on their brakes — at the risk of injuring themselves rather than what’s in front of them, I would think the AI would (should) act no differently?

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