You make a very valid point, and I apologise for not considering it in my response. Credit must be given where it’s due and I agree that female leaders have stepped up in this pandemic, unlike male leaders like Trump.

I was merely trying to critique the absolutes in author’s writing style and that which are portrayed today in language and mass media: that marginal groups (women, LGBTQ, or minorities) must be inherently better or more ethical or resilient people, and the majority (white, cis-straight-(fe)male) are not. No one can deny us our past struggles, but I feel a bit uneasy getting a special status or shout out just because of it — I believe it makes our position feeble in the eyes of the society.

Put plainly, when a straight male leader does amazing things, they will get credit for it without regard for their gender or orientation (because the problem is, the society views “straight male” as the “default” demographic). When they do bad things, however, their gender, i.e. 50% of population will surely come under fire (as this author did, using words like macho and masculinity many times) without regard for stereotyping all men.

Now with female or LGBTQ leaders, we notice an opposite trend. Great things they do will make the great women or top LGBTQ personalities lists and lead to creation of articles like these, commending their resilience. But if you were to point out failures of a gay or female leader and mention their physical traits, it would sound discriminatory. To me, this positive discrimination business appears to be a double standard. It’s somewhat of a paradox I agree — as we may not have had equal opportunities in the past, but we can’t have equality in 2020 while continuing to treat ourselves unequal to the “default” demographic.

I have been mentored by and continue to be mentored by amazing and successful women, but I just don’t like the pressure to succumb to the double standard in language and reporting by throwing an entire race or gender under the bus — when most people are decent beings.

A female or gay leader from Boris’ or Trump’s party would have likely followed their lead and made just as “terrible” political decisions, much like a male leader from a party led by a great female leader would have done great things (assuming the female leader is great). These things are never so black and white, in my opinion.

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